PANORAMA 4: Fashion: 1.Jewelry implant in Eye 2. World Record While Spreading Education

World Record

Fashion: 1. Jewelry implant in Eye 

Only New Yorker Lucy Luckaynako, just to look different had a platinum stud implanted in white of her right cornea.
She had to spend a minute and US $ 3000. This procedure was done by Dr. Chynn, trained in Harvard and NewYork. This is the same doctor who was in news looking for a bride. He spent thousand of dollars to look for a soulmate and offered free services for cosmetic surgery to any one who would help in introducing a dream wife. It is not known if Lucy got this service for free. She did go ahead and feels now that this implants is like a dirt in her her for ever.
Such surgeries have been done earlier in Netherlands and Los Angles. The first surgery was done by Dutch eye surgeon in 2004. Dr. Chynn that this procedure is absolutely safe. This implant was specially made for the eye and it remains implanted on the surface of the eye surface. The stud implant was placed on a water droplet and had to be floated in position and anchored in position.

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World Record While Spreading Education:

Richard Sears and Nick Gaff , both teachers of UK went on a tour for educational reform. Richard Sears and Nick Gaff were teaching in a school, but now they trying hard to teach children from many countries. They started with Tuk-Tuk (an auto rickshaw) their world wide journey from Britain on 13th August 2012.

So far they have completed 37,500 KMS. Their aim is to raise funds for the reform of education in the developing nations of the world. While doing they have created a new record of the longest journey ever taken on a Tuk- Tuk. Last week they were in Chilly. They had to tow the Auto rickshaw for 70 kilometers in Chile on its breakdown. After repairs they and move to Rio in Brazil to complete their journey. According to Richard Sears between 5-7 million children never complete their education as they are unable to go to school. The schools do not have enough facilities for the imparting education to the kids. They hope that through their efforts (mainly finance) some reforms will be made in imparting education by various countries.

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