Scenic Beauty of Melting Greenland’s Glaciers Require Attention

The photograph below is that of the Ice sheet of Greenland –  known as Glacier’s field.

The country is Greenland but 80% of the land is covered with ice. The ice area is about 1.7 million square kilometers. At places the thickness of Ice is about 2 to 3 kilometers. Wherever the ice melts one can see such beautiful scenes. After the ice sheet of Antarctica’s area that of the Greenland’s ice sheet is second in coverage.



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The experts are now studying the effect of the melting glacier on the surrounding water level and earth as a whole. The photograph shows the changing panorama of the Greenland’s melting glaciers. During the summers landscape keeps changing as the glaciers melt.

All the studies conducted so far by various research agencies of coastal countries USA, Canada, Russia, Norway, Denmark and Japan point that not much of ill effects will happen in the next years to come,  say till the end of 21st century.  As the new findings for remote sensing indicate that no alarming situation is likely to occur if world at large can control and on monitoring the changing scenarios and taking action.  The the new research show that by year 2100 may or may not stop gaining speed of the melting glaciers.

Climate change is a favorite topic all over the world and actions like carbon dioxide and green house effect due to gas emission level. A lot is being done by NASA and mission scientist at Goddard and the University of Maryland, College Park. “The measurements we collect along lines sampled in IceBridge’s spring 2013 Arctic campaign will allow scientists to assess changes over the summer.” All in all, the world needs to keep working and implement any requirement to control global warming and keep the beauty of Greenland and the world intact.

The other side of the findings are summarized by a research scientist Jason Box, he tells  “I want to pursue big ideas, but I also want to communicate them in ways that the public understands. Scientists need to do everything they can to wake people up. It is our job, our moral responsibility.


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