Troubled by Much School Homework Sophie Mullins aged 6 Attracts Attention of Senator

A kid in the US reached her Senator By writing a letter.
Six year old Sophie Mullins a first year grader of West Virginia complained to her Parents that she was tired of doing homework continuously and needed a break. They told her off by saying that only the congressman should be able to help her. Sophie did’t take her parent’s advise lightly. She scribbled on a lined paper( depicted below) and dispatched it to Senator Joe Manchin. The Senator called her after a week. He explained that he head received her letter and wanted to find what was it that bothered her. She told him that she was troubled by Maths, reading and writing continuously. He made her understand that this labor will help her in the later life and she will be benefitted when she grows up. Sophie became famous through the social media.

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This dialogue has made her famous. A discussion of modern education, its pros and con, has been going the world over and one can feel from the mood of school kids, their parents, psychologists and the intelligentsia. There is a Sophie in each of school going kid everywhere. Why this rat race ? Why must they (kids) go through much stress and be cornered in their tender age?

This is the age they need to be in nature and learn through fun, observing life around, play, pursue and go in for developing latent talent in their being. Various ways and means can be followed by free counseling the parents, kids and society for changing this attitude. Parents’ experience can be used for giving timely breaks and reduce work load on them. They can also help their children in developing participatory techniques such as going to parks, playgrounds, museums and getting involved in extracurricular activities. The possibilities for developing all round and balanced personalities of kids are limitless and all we need is innovation and imagination.


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