Banks Have the World’s Most Beautiful Buildings

As believed in real estate that the world over the most beautiful buildings were private, commercial or some hotels but here we will discuss five most beautiful buildings belonging to banks.

Bank of America Tower, New York:
They commenced building this magnificent building in 2004 and was completed in 2009. It costs approximately 980 million dollars. This 58 story building was jointly constructed by 3 architect firms named Cook Fox Architects, L L P and Adam Son Associates. This is the 2nd highest building standing at 366 meters high after World Trade Center. The building saves 3.89 millions of water harvesting a gigantic amount of water.


Bank Of Of America Tower

I N G House Amsterdam, Netherlands
This building is headquarter to The Global Financial House’s I N G Group. The unique shape of the building has a place of it’s own in the world. This building is also known as” the Shoe”. From far off the building looks like a table with 16 legs. The building was completed with in a record time from December 1999 to September 2002. The credit goes to the firm Meyer en Van Scoohten. The bridge technology has been used in this project.


I N G House Amsterdam, Netherlands

National Bank Of Dubai:
Saudi Arabia’s largest bank “National bank Of Dubai” has the building in the shape of an Old Ship. Dubai’s hotel Al Burz is made Of the same concept. Three firm named Tuburg Architects and Engineers, Noor Group Consultants, Cologne Aut Architect have jointly made this building. This building was inaugurated in 1998. With a height of 125 Meters it was the highest building of Dubai in 1998.

Bank of China Tower, Hong Kong:
This building has the height of 367.4 Meters. The Architects are I M Pai and Partners, Sharman Kung and associate and Thomas Boda commenced its construction in 1985 and completed it in 1990. With this it was the first Building outside the America with a height exceeding 305 Meters. The building has 49 high speed lifts serving 72 floors. Composite space frame space has been used in this building.


BOC  Tower,  Hong Kong

Scotia Plaza, Toronto:
This building is the Head quarters Scotia Bank in Canada. W Z M H with Olympia and York Architects commenced this construction of this building in 1985 till completion in
1988. This building has 68 floors with 44 high speed lifts reaching a height of 274.9 meters. This building is the 3rd highest building in Canada. In 2012 Scotia Bank sold its ownership to its sister firm Iconic with a price tag of 7700 Crores.


Scotia Plaza, Toronto:


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