Peace Prayers Through Skype in Arizona

In Arizona the Clergy has gone high tech. Here they are preforming the worships using Skype ( Internet). Father Bob Larsen is one pastor who undertakes such peace worship sessions online.

Those who cannot reach him physically are contacting through Skype video call. Padre Bob Larsen claims that he has performed over 20000 exorcism session in last four decades. Freeing the individuals and the homes of devotees of the evil spirits is called exorcism. The affected person has to pay US $ 290 for a session of 60 minutes. One can see such recordings on the UTube. Other religious leaders do not agree with this type of service. The International association of the Exorcists do not agree to this type of service through the internet.

Excerpted from THE CHRISTIAN POST: An Arizona pastor claims he can now exorcise demons from people in different parts of the world via Skype. Bob Larson, the pastor has shown CNN his style of Video Chatting to get the evil spirits out of humans and houses.In his live show the other end person David from Norway followed his admonishing as he commanded. The exorcism from his office in Scottsdale, Ariz, all going on under cameras of the network filmed the event. David possessed four demons who were shown the way out. The reverend believed such shows are much more than an act. He claims that there was nothing theatrical act involved. It is all real. Bob Larsen can quote the other famous personalities like pop singer Katy Perry having demons. Perry sort of approves these type of phenomenon are real.



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