18 Benefits of Walking

We know that walking is good for all.
1.  Walking briskly for about 30-35 minutes is good to control half the people not  to get diabetes and for people over 60 years 70 %  get the same benefit.

2.  Risk of stroke is reduced by over 25% for all. Walking makes all the blood arteries and vessel more supple so that hypertension is reduced substantially .

3.   Walking is an all rounder light exercise  – it benefits by making body self healing or say the immune system becomes strong so that virus and bacteria cannot win over in the battles in different aspects of health. Over all physical, psychological, biological and emotional health improve. The healing rate improves for all sorts of medical problems.

4.  The cancer cells are easily controlled when one breaths moderately so that cancer cells can not survive in an oxygenated atmosphere. This has been proved by reputed Institutes of the world.

5.  It is good practice to walk and the experts have proved that breaking into two 15 minutes separate sessions gives the same benefits as a single 30 minutes. say two sessions could be morning and evening or as convenient 1,2, or 3 hours apart.

6. Women who walk are not likely to get 20% breast cancer lower at rate  or at  31 % lower rate colon cancer and 50% less lower rate of re -occurrence of cancer.

7.  Men who walk 30 minutes are known to have lower rate of the prostrate cancer and the colon cancer.

8.  Start walking regularly and  experience improvement in level of depression or negative emotions.

9.  Blood health improves on being regular in walking. The high density cholesterol gets higher thus reducing the chance of stroke or heart problems.



10. Chances of hip fractures reduce significantly.

11. The feel good hormones endorphin are generated more in quantity and act thus reducing chances of depression and on starting to walk the the depressed people come out and become normal on regular( a year or so) of walk.

12. Walking strengthens the heart. Walking strengthens bones. Walking improves the circulatory system.

13.Walkers do not catch cold easily when compared to non walkers and their symptoms take shorter time.

15. Walking generates positive neurochemicals. People look forward to walking and enjoy walking.

16. Over the years the fit people loose their fat by walking have benefits exceeding those when compared to loosing 20 pounds by other means of exercise. Research shows that fit beats fat for many people.

17. It is found by researchers that human bodies are healthier and stronger when we walk every day. A single 30 minute walk can reduce blood pressure by five points for over 20 hours.
18. Walking reduces the risk of blood clots in your legs..

Its good to walk.
Be good to yourself. Be good to your body.



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