The Biggest-Earning Animated Film – “Frozen” From Disney


“Frozen” the animation movie from Disney have taken the adults and kids by storm on 22nd Nov 2013, the limited release and later movie have earned 91 millions US $. In 2013 it crossed the sales of the third most popular movie ” The hunger Games – Catching fire”. It got the nomination of Oscar for the best animated film and the best song, It’s sound track topped the list of best song for four weeks on billboards.  Earlier  only ” The Bad Boys 2″ got this rating in 2003. Disney has announced the planned  release of the musical version of this animated movie. It also announced the theme park on this. No other animated movie has earned this kind of earning in the United States. The items like the Doll or Costumes related to “Frozen” have received a huge sales turnover by the Disney store. Frozen is very popular on the internet.  When 23 years old Lisa Rosenberg from Minneapolis announced on the Facebook that she wanted to look like the princes of the ” Frozen” and that she and her friend Mary Megan were making the dresses, another group from the Facebook invited them over. This film is based on the 1845’s story of Hans Christian Anderson’s ” The Snow Princess”  The central character is Princess Ellis  and her younger sister Anna around whom the story revolves.  The plot goes on with a handsome Prince who is another character of the story. the song ” Let it go ” is very popular. in the internet world. There were 85 million have viewed this song on the U Tube.


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