Arms From Earlier Centuries.

As was convenient the past kings and emperors were influenced by making politically motivated marriages to increase their hold on as much land as was possible.  Of theses famous marriages Charles V reached the pinnacle of the system. He was able to rule over much of Europe and encouraged venturing to find the new lands. Of these they were asked to explore for India and wealth of the India and China. New armors were made to see that more risk could be taken to win more battles.

Here you will find Knight’s helm which was called Great Helm – It was as simple cylinder which was developed into so called “Sugar Loaf ” to deflect the blows. It turned out to give a hot atmosphere in the enclosure and restricting the field of vision. This type of Great helm was in much demand and used from later half of 12th Century to 14th during the crusader times.

144px-Topfhelm_DHM (1)This helmet like operating  bowl helmet is like modern day bike helmet covers the head.The difference is that they use hinge. They used in the 15th century like visor – popular in Italy. Here you can see perfection in following the body contours throughout.


This helmet is called Barbute is from the ancient Greek times with T  or say Y shaped opening for keeping vigil and maintaining the breath. This design was popular all along till modern times.

144px-BarbutaSee the brngandine, this has a garment made of garment which could be of the material canvas or leather. They were finely lined with oblong shaped steel plates riveted to the cloth.


Mail hood worn with a hauberk.




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