Physiotherapist View Of Life

Physiotherapy is mostly used in managing pain of the body.

For example muscular pains, joint pains and backache such as in the vertebral disc. Heat therapy is mostly successful in pain therapy according to well known Dr. Ramvir Singh Gurjar who is a regular practitioner and consultant in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India


Illu_vertebral_columnSource: Wikipedia

Generally physiotherapy is used in daily routine because humans are working the whole day, therefore, body is tired. Usually the joints and muscles are spasmed and sprained. Thus, physiotherapy needs to be used to cure the diseased condition.

Physiotherapy can cure physically disabled or suffering due to accidents or others reasons. It rectify the patients using it. The patient needs to be guided or helped by a physiotherapist, who helps in recovering the movement and functions of the body. The patient has to involve himself to be cured.

Physiotherapists tackle a wide variety of human body systems which include.

1) Musculoskeletal that is – bones, joints, and soft tissues

2) Cardiovascular – heart and blood circulation

3) Neuromuscular which are the brain and the nervous system

Joint Diagram


imagesSource: Wikipedia.

The nearby therapist are experts and experienced enough to deal with patients at their present level of particular requirement. They know when and where physical therapy techniques are to used. They use their hands to relieve stiffness  to increase the blood circulation and to  any particular part of the body. They also use the forms of techniques such as Water(aquatic) therapy involving movement in water  affected to the part. The heat techniques is used and applied in  physiotherapy involving muscle spasm and pain. Cold therapy is applied in acute pain management.


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