Queen Elizabeth Bringing American Soldiers into New York Harbor AT the End of WW 2

At the end of world War II( WWII) America and Britain were in the celebration mood. Both the nations had pressed into service important passenger liners Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary to transport the soldiers. The photo below was taken when the soldier flocked on the decks of the liner as it entered the New York harbor.

The soldiers waved with joy the small sized Stars and Stripes flags. The soldiers with sheer joy crowded on the decks as the liner sailed into the New York Harbor. Since the soldiers were not in touch with their families and they were excited and wanted to wave at their loved ones. They were excited and elated to be be back home. Those who had the flags wanted to attract the attention of their family members by this joyful waving of the flags.

World War 2 involved more than 30 nations from 1939 until 1945. It was fought with vast areas of the world  across continents.


In 1938 these liners were employed to transport the soldiers. On the 19th November 1940 Queen Elizabeth, length 1031 feet was in Naval Dockyard of Singapore. Anti-Air craft guns were fitted on the decks.

The liner could carry 15000 passengers with a crew of 900 but the vessel was overloaded and carried out operations more than its capacity.  In those, war’s  five years the liner carried 750000 soldiers and traversed 800000 kilometers. This passenger liner was owned by Britain but was used by the US for the purpose of transporting the Allied soldiers and was referred as a troopship as well.


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