Most Inspirational: 1) Dog Rescue From Rockies 2) Famous Graffiti Artist Redosking

Artist Redosking

1) Dog Rescue in Rockies An interesting story was in circulation as a man abandoned his german shepherd (dog ) named Missy ( 112 pounds) 13 thousand feet up in Bierstad Mountain of Colorado., USA. The owner and his colleague had to abandon Missy as they experienced blizzard and dog’s paws were severely lacerated. After about eight days, a couple Scot and Amanda Washburn were mountaineering in that area. They came across Missy in a dilapidated condition, about to die due to hunger and neglect. They made up their mind to save her. It was not easy task for them to save her in the precipitation-al weather condition. As a last resort, they sent a sos message to attaching Missy’s snap. The rescue team brought Missy and them safely down. The real owner Anthoni Joseph Ortolani (29) wanted back Missy. He challenged them in court but lost. The court ordered Missy to be was handed over to John Steed one of the rescue team. Steed says that he is happier with the third additional member in his family

2) Famous Graffiti Artist Redosking There are umpteen artists. Somebodies are highly popular, and others are not so lucky, Such is the case of a graffiti artist Jose Vergaraq alias Redosking (19) has collected superb, hyper realistic eye drawings. His pages are poplar on facebook and Instagram. These drawings look as if they are eyes of someone but in reality it is an art. The beauty lies in the details shown around the eyes’ wrinkles and skin lines. Born in Mexico city, Redosking tells that to learn this art he even changed his nationality. First he went to Madrid, Spain. Unfortunately, he damaged his right arm in an accident. For some days, he was discouraged and went through a spell of depression.Finally, he made up his mind to become a graffiti artist. He kept his passion alive and slowly turned an icon. 234910_3_600

Photo via : Huffingtonpost


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