Benefits of Sprouted Food

When health is failing, taking sprouted grains is the best way to restore it. It is best to use sprouted seeds with fresh vegetables ands fruits. In modern age where people like to make it easy for reducing weight, here’s how to reduce pot belly with only food items and exercises.

Following benefits of sprouted seeds and wheatgrass juice should be noted :

1.Sprouts are available everywhere throughout the year.

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Source: Wikipedia 

2. It is the cheapest food available.

3. No expensive modes of cooking needed to cook like gas, kerosene. electricity, coal or firewood or microwaves

4. Abundant numbers of nutrition and enzymes are found in sprouted seeds. It is a wholesome food having most of the nutrients

5. These live foods have impact in day today for environmental, eco-friendliness, economical. Mental, bodily health and beauty point of view.

6. Sprouts are helpful in solving the national problems of pollution, violence( when there is scarcity of food), malice and poverty.


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Source: Wikipedia

7.This food is useful in solving the acute problems of modern diseases like mental tension, stress, heart disease, obesity, cancer, High BP and diabetes. The disease due to wrong compatibility of food can be negated through the use of sprouted food.

8. The fermentation in sprouted food prevents generation of gases. Once the sprouts are eaten, many helpful enzymes are generated in the stomach. Thus, they help in digesting the pulse family foods.
9. Sufficient amounts of roughage and fiber due to sprouts in the stomach solve the problem of constipation. The digestive system is strengthened and the sprouted food is easily digested.

10. There is no chance of adulteration in the sprouted seeds.

11. The over eating problem is solved while consuming sprouted foods like sprout control the desire to have more.

12. The teeth are exercised properly and remain healthy.

13. Spontaneous taste is developed in the mouth thus helping, the wrong taste buds are not allowed to develop for the fried, roasted, spicy items of food, tobacco, liquor and beer, etc.

14. In areas such as deserts or mountainous or sub zero temperature areas wherever the fresh fruit and vegetables are not grown or not available the masses can easily get the sprouted food. The malnutrition is not allowed to take the toll of children and women

15 The cells of the body have life and the most useful food for them are the sprouted food and organically grown food.

16 The third world countries can easily fight the battle of starvation by adopting the sprouted seeds. The heads of state and government should encourage the populace to make use of sprouted food.

17. The sprouted food is most beneficial in case of osteoporosis and blood iron or haemoglobin deficient patients since deficient calcium and iron are easily balanced through the sprouts.


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