Surgeons to Remove Blood And Operate For Faster Recovery Of Knife and Gunshot Victims

A team of Surgeons at the UPMC Presbyterian Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is to remain on call later this month for a pilot project. The plan is part of pilot project to save ten patients by trying out a new system called suspending animation on the patients wounded by knife or gunshot injuries.

In this process, their aim is to get more time to treat a patient without chance of loosing life. The Doctors have first to suck out the blood of the patient, followed by injecting cold saline solution in the Circulatory System of the patient. The patient is treated as follows: 1) First drain the blood. 2) The patient has to be like a dead person. 3) Patient operated, and the body is slowly brought to normal temperature. Strange but true, this team of doctors plan to operate the way it is seen in the Hollywood movies. The sucked out blood is put back. Benefits: The wounds is healed faster without damage to the sick person.


Source: Wikipedia
It is known that the blood cells live a few hours longer, when oxygen intake level is significantly brought down. Also, the body temperature is brought down to 10 degrees. The cell life is extended thereby saving the life. The team of surgeons is to be lead by Dr. Samuel Tisherman, who has put forward the claim that this a new pioneering effort in the field of emergency surgery. Since the time required for this surgery is more and only way out is to buy this by well established procedure called emergency preservation and resuscitation.The cold saline injected into the blood circulatory helps in closing the brain and heart without damaging them.


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