These are Genius Who Developed Apps World.

Apps have become a part our day to day life. Life seems amiss without them. Booking a ticket, planning holidays or a travel, weather information, today they all revolve around Apps. Let us try and look into lives of makers of these Apps who not only invented and gave new trends to them.

App Maker Mike Matas: He became a Paper for Facebook. User interface designer Matas was engaged by Apple to refine the software for the Iphone and Ipad originally. His impressive resume to Facebook included reference to Recent Mobile App paper and making UI design for Nest Learning Thermostat. This school dropout from school has worked for many of Apple Major User Interfaceimages (21)

App Maker Dong GoyangSo many other developers have copied the game and relaunched the Flappy Bird. He has been threatened to as to why he removed the game. He has assured the viewer that an improved version Of the game is to be relaunched soon.: He made the FlapyBird. He created the addictive game FlappyBird. He has recently removed this game from the App Store.Screen shot 2014-04-09 at 8.52.03 AM

App Maker Igor and Marko Pusenjak: Popular Game Doodle Jump are the creation of  Maker Igor and Marco Pusenjak brothers are the ones who brought forward this game.

Screen shot 2014-04-09 at 8.56.50 AMThey had celebrated their fifth anniversary of the launch of this popular game. Their game had been downloaded for over 10million times prior to the launch of Angry Birds. Even today Doodle Jump in the App store is ranked in the first 50 selling games.

InstaPaper: App Maker Marco Arment

: Instapaper was the first App which gave the option to the user of saving any interesting content and to be read immediately.images (23)

Former Tumbler developer in 2008 quit Tumbler just to develop this app. Now days many Instapaper like Apps have come in the market, but the trend of Instapaer was started by Marco Arment.


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