World’s Most Expensive Ads Costing Millions

The ad world crises are a hot topic on the internet world today. The major brands are keeping away from the ads as sports networks charge high amounts of fee.

– In 2014, moved away from the ad world. Although It had involved in all the big sporting event since 2008.

– 2013 Fast food chain Subway moved away from advertising on National coverage but chose to advertise in regional areas.

– In 2009 Fed Exp decided to keep away from the ad field after 19 years of continued involvement.

Below some details are given for the high cost of ads involved in sports channels.

Channel No 5 – 26 million:

Two minutes ad of Channel No Five directed by Baz Luhrmann. The ad cost $26 Milllion. Nicol Kidman was shown in the ad and was paid 3 million.

George Bush was the president when world trade centre was blown up in 2001. To improve his image, the ad was produced costing 10 million in 2004.

Guinness – 12.75 million :

On the 80th anniversary of Guinness, released an ad costing 12.75 million. In this ad, a fridge to a car was falling from a tipping point in the village.

Aviva: 9 million:

Insurance giant Aviva renamed itself, and it was advertised by showing that celebrities like Bruce Willis and Dame Edna to had also changed their name during their career.

Honda : 505 million:

Honda advertised for the two new cars launched in 2003. Each part of cars was shown – No computer generated picture taken, but 606 takes shots from start to finish.

Pepsi – 6.3 Million:

Britney Spears was shown singing the jingle telling that she was taking Pepsi for 5 decades



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