Steve Jobs Was Constructing A Yacht For His Beloved Wife !

Apples’s founder had ordered the construction of super luxury yacht “Venus”. Recently it was seen in Cabo Sen, Gulf of Mexico. 1980 Steve Jobs had said that he had no memory for the future. In spite of this, during his liver transplant in 2008, he had already commenced the construction of a yacht.
He had engaged the famous French designer Philippe Starck for designing Venus costing $ 170 million.

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   Photo Source: Wikipedia     Steve had personally supervised  to fix  7 large IMac screens 

Biographer Walter Isaacson the biographer of Steve Jobs has disclosed that the chief designer of Apples Stores was told to select the glass to use.

– There were 7 large screens IMac affixed which Steve had personally supervised. They were installed at various positions in the yacht so that wheelhouse could be controlled.

– 78 feet long yacht had a aluminium hull, so that it is lighter than other yachts.
– Glass sheet measuring 40 feet in length by 10 feet hight are used from floor to ceiling for the superstructure.

Steve’s Emotional attachment to the Yacht

He had disclosed to Walter that he may not live to see the yacht but he did not want to leave the it incomplete for wife Loren.

Had the yacht been completed a year earlier ….
Steve was actively involved with Walter in completing the yacht. He had dreamt of sailing with his wife aboard the yacht. Steve was gone for ever from this world , in October 2011 prior to use the yacht. The yacht was commissioned in October 2012 in the yard of Fedship in Netherlands. The yacht was impounded in the harbor for paying the balance of $5 million by the designer. The sum was payed later but the yacht has never been used by Steve’s family.



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