Revamped Ronald MCDonald To Go Viral

Recently McDonald company has popularized Mascot (Ronald McDonald) by making him more attractive.The Mascot is to have a new look with yellow and red new dress. The motto “”Selfies … Here I come! It’s a big world and now, wherever I go and whatever I do … I’m ready to show how fun can make great things happen,” Company is planning to use social media with ” hashtag #ronaldmcdonald as a new drive to popularize its spokesclown more vigorously.

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The revamped McDonald for the Social Media

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The old McDonald to leave

All these efforts are to increase business’ popular items and mainly the big Mac and French Fries. The company is not giving up the mascot but change its dress while thee shoes will retain the same color and a new dress. The business from Oak Brook, Ill; has planned the turnaround by introducing new dress by end of this year.

The social account will remain the same, but efforts are on to give a surge in its sales. The Mascot can have the addition to its wardrobe with new dresses – with cargo pants and a vest. The new clothes will be in addition to the earlier dress code of baggy yellow jumper and the painted big smile. McDonald has posted him recently wearing red sports coat over the cut pants. The TV ads will”ring in the new..
The pressure on the company to discard the mascot and stop stop marketing food to the children. McDonald is not to give in but continue to show the mascot ” as a force of good” with the changed motive to continue with the old guard.




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