Larry’s Card Had the Homepage of Google


Larry Page and Karl Page( father) are the founders of Google, but they made special efforts for its success. Larry Page as the CEO is such a person who had enjoined his name with Google.

Since 1998 when computer and internet were emerging, Larry had his card giving details of Google. His card had with it the homepage of Google. He gave his card to very few people on which his own phone number with email and address details of Google office written.This card of Larry was much in the news. Some people started giving the business identity with I cards issued. That was a difficult phase in the lives of Larry And Carl Page. The company needed sales and turnover to make progress. It was hard to tell the customers that search engine business had much to offer.330px-Larry_Page_in_the_European_Parliament,_17.06.2009

Photo: Wikipedia Larry Page addressing the European Parliament

Believing them the Co-Founder Andy of Sun Microsystems went ahead to try and generate business. Since then, Larry Page has always honored and gave respect to Andy of Sun Microsystems for being a pioneer to try their product.

A page rank algorithm generated gave an impression that it will be a far better search engine than the prevailing ones. Web page connected with one another made the breakthrough for the new technology. The initial version of Google came to existence.


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Many awards were given to Google from all over the world.
Every year since its inception in 1998 array of awards to Google as the best search engine, technical excellence and Innovation in Web applications. It is acknowledged as the best webmaster friendly search engine again and again.


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