Now Will Make Own Marketing Rules

Amazon has secured the important patent in the USA. Now the company can prepare on its own the ad of any product for marketing. It has now the rights even to market a product with its own atmosphere suitable for the said product. The patent office and trademark office has given the liberty to sell a product with any model for shooting the ad. Screen shot 2014-05-15 at 9.44.31 AM

Photograph: Dainik Bhaskar

The company is free to its own lighting and backdrop for promotion. Amazon believes that the white background is most successful in marketing any product. It has paid a heavy amount for the patent, but the payment is not to be not considered in the evaluation against the rights allowed in the market.

All in all, social networking patent has been acquired by Amazon mainly on for lighting method used. As Google and Facebook have used the marketing tools, Amazon does not want take any chance for others to use their technique. It needs to catalogue a lot of products every day. The gimmick used by the multinational is to remain in the public eye. It does not want other big businesses to use the white lighting experience for advertisement of their products.

Amazon wants to remain ever ready to achieve the aim of selling its products. The patent is about the ‘Studio Arrangement’ specially wanting that a white background and lighting positions others can’t use their way.

To a layman it seems so awkward even to imagine that such an arrangement need a copyright. Therefore, they need not worry about such a matter.



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