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Revenue of the Software Giants:

Microsoft is still no 1 software manufacturing company and maintaining its worldwide revenue position.

The figures are in billions.:
Microsoft 6571.8 billion
Oracle 2962.0
IBM 2912.0
SAP 1841.0
Symantac 632.9
EMC 551.9
HP 490.3
vmware 479.0
ca 419.0
salesforce 379.8

E-reader in Submarine fleet:

US Navy has developed an  e-reader known as  the Navy eReader Device (NeRD), US Navy’s e-reader is age old. Under the rules, the military can not procure the latest gadgets of electronics for security reasons. There will not be any wi-Fi devices of roaming data facility. 

The spectrum of the choice is limited to 300 titles out of 10800 having 5 such e-readers amongst the submarine fleet.




Screen shot 2014-05-24 at 9.27.09 AM

Photo Source : AFP

It is provided to facilitate reading for the sailors to study during onboard stay. The facility is the most backward and underdeveloped e-reader. It does not have any internet capability or removable storage. Not only this there is no camera or content add or delete option available. Besides, the books given in the e-reader, no one can do anything else. Therefore, the e-reader is not at all remarkable.

Developer Find away World has been been given the task to supply and instal five of such gadgets all over on naval submarine crafts, submarines and the other allied military units since last two years.  It is understood that such a project has limitations to prevent important information such as maps or inventory being smuggled and passed on to the enemy.

These facility to view books, etc, are given to sailors to remain free and not be bored in the off period.



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