USA Preparations for Inauguration of the President


Over 70 countries in the world have a parliamentary system of government. There they choose prime minister or the presidential form of government or they have a royal family as a figurehead of the state.
The tradition of swearing in ceremony of the head of state was started in the 18th century in the USA. George Washington performed the most impressive ceremony; he was the first President of USA. He was an independent candidate and took the oath of the President in April 1789. This day is called inauguration day. 20th January is the swearing in day of the USA. If it is a Sunday, the ceremony takes place privately and the next day the oath is taken publicly. The elaborate preparations are made well in advance. In the USA, the ceremony is conducted in the Capital Hill.


                  Second inauguration of Theodore Roosevelt, 1905

Photo Source: Wikipedia  

Barak Obama made history in Swearing in ceremony. 

In 1905, the 26th president Theodore Roosevelt made history on his second swearing in ceremony. After that in January 2009 President Barak Obama is known to make a memorable inaugural ceremony for the swearing. In January 1997, President William J Clinton’s ceremony was telecast live on the internet for the first time.


The Capitol, inauguration preparations complete, two days prior to the public ceremonies

Photo Source: Wikipedia  

Following invitees are called :
For the swearing ceremony the Congressmen ( lower house), All the judges of the Supreme Court, high ranking Miltary Officers, Previous Presidents, special medal recipients and other famous personalities.

Following broke the protocol of the Ceremony;
John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Andrew Johnson, Woodrow Wilson, Richard Nixon did not ceremony for the next incoming president inauguration.


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