Social Media Is The First Choice of Multinationals to Increase Consumer Base

Social Media is the first choice of Global Companies to add on Consumers.

Facebook, Twitter and Google + like companies are now being used by the multinationals and big consumer goods manufacturers to increase  base.

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These social media giants are now their first choice to increase their customers. Big companies are using the social sights platforms. More than 400 companies that are using social sight platforms to remain in touch with the consumers. Facebook, Twitter, Linken in, Pintrest and Google+ are being used for this purpose.

As the Facebook is the first choice of the users, such is the case with these companies whose first choice is Facebook as well. 40% of the companies use social media to propagate their goods through hired companies, whose work includes preparing a blog, to give the information regarding the product and a link for more information through a video demonstration. The companies have to spend money for such promotion, but they are successful in their output and aims.

Because of social media the shopping trend is changing all over the world. The consumer is using electronic and social media to ascertain their needs. They learn about the product through retailer goods available online. Using their smart phones to compare and talk to like minded people to decide for the purchase. The retail companies are not lagging behind, and they advertise through the social websites, and sometimes deliver the goods the same day.

The industry watchers have truly predicted for the end to retail shopping. Big online stores and malls are taking to aggressive marketing strategies by advertising through the social media.


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