Google’s Driverless Automatic Car

Smartphone will soon be used to order for the driverless cars which are in testing mode on Californian roads. It is an autonomous car of the future to come soon by Google.

There will be no pedal brake or steering wheel; no gas required as it has a sensor, a camera and software to operate. Last Tuesday, Google lifted the cover over its future generation automatic driverless car in San Francisco. As given above the car does not have a steering wheel, no brake or accelerator pedals. Just by pressing a button the car starts running in the desired direction.The car is electrically operated. There will be only two buttons inside to operate one is to start the other to stop the car. The car will run for 160 kilometers after a single recharge. At present, the car’s maximum speed is limited to 40KPH.
Four states Nevada, Florida, California and Michigan have issued permission to test the driverless cars in these states in last few years. Texas is also about to allow such laws. Just two years earlier Nevada state had passed law to allow autonomous cars on its roads. The license red plate shall have the number, a symbol of infinity on the left side of the number plate.

Google will launch 100 such cars in the first batch. The company will sell the technology of this car to other companies for manufacturing and sales. These robotic cars are already fitted with laser system radar which have the capacity to develop maps of the world. You may be aware that computers are taking our world  and prove to be useful in walks of the life.


    Lexus RX450h retrofitted as a Google driverless car

Photo Source: Wikipedia



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