Social Media, Digital Technique and Smartphone Are Transforming Our World.


The present age belongs to the digital age. There is a worldwide trend to be digital and there is a rapid growth in this area.

The social, digital and smartphone era is revolutionizing the world at an astonishing speed. All this changes are taking place since last 4-5 yeas. It is so surprising to note that people are updating themselves through the smartphone. The way of thinking is changing. Through the use internet, completing daily chores has become easier. Such users are increasing rapidly who complete their jobs through the smart phone and internet who also remain in touch with social media. We are discussing this worldwide trend in this writeup.


Social Media: 

In the last 12 months, social media sights user has increased rapidly by 1.35 billion people. The user have increased in America, Europe and the East Asia whereas the trend is slower in the Middle-East, South and Central Asia. It is because the smartphone user is using Whatsapp and Wechat. They do not need to go to the other platforms to remain in touch with friends, relatives and known people.


The internet users are about 2.5 billion which is about 35% of the world’s population. Since last year, about 150 million users have increased who started to use the internet. A number of the internet user is increasing slowly in the Central Africa and South Asia when compared to the population.


The increase in strength of mobile internet user through the smartphone has increased rapidly in this area. If the tariff rate in this area is much and if reduced the strength of the internet user will increase sharply here.
The Telecom and IT companies realize that the Smartphones are more important in the present milieu. Therefor, they are giving many enticing offers. Instead of using Laptop and PC the trend is to use Smartphome. Alone in 2013 the Smaertphoe users have increased by 17.3million and of this 93% are actively using the smartphone.


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