Ivy Ross – Expert in Designing Joins Google

Two years have passed since Google presented Google Glass in the Annual Developers Conference 2012. It was a hot product initially, but masses have not liked it.

To make it accessible, Google has hired Ivy Ross. I Ross has a lot of experiences and has worked in a lot in retail and art industry. Ross announced officially about joining the company soon, in Google+ official page.


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Photo Source: Dainik Bhaskar

Ross’ work is to promote Google Glass, not as a toy but to be popular in the mainstream computer. The promotion is to be of such a scale that people would like to buy the gadget. She will take over from Babak Parviz, s she will be the HOD for Google Glass.

She will now work with Sergi Brin. Earlier she worked as the chief marketing Officer for Ross Art.com. She has an interest in Arts. Her work is displayed permanently in Smithsonian Musem, Washington and Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Earlier to this she remained on the top posts of Disney store, Old Navy, Kelvin Kline and companies like Mettle.

It is surprising to note this appointment, but the advertising funds spent on this venture indicate something in particular. In September, 12 page ads were given in the famous magazine ‘Vogue.’ Models wore heads-up display of Glass.

It is an uphill task for people to wear glass when they do not use in their daily life. Google effort to change over is not going to be an easy task.
Google partnered the Fashion Show week 2012. The present aim to make people wear the Google class is the task before the company. The company has still not launched the commercial version of the Google Glass, but the Beta version of the model is available in the market for $ 1500.



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