Prohibition in USA Pros and Cons

Think of 1920 when people adopted prohibition to support and change the USA. The police used to check up all over to enforce it. In Los Angles, almost on all major crossings the vehicles and occupants were checked.
The Federal government never wanted masses to spend the significant portion of their earning on the alcohol. The Social organisations and government believed that if the poverty was to be controlled, or reduce the crime rate and stop violence the prohibition had to be promulgated. It became a national idea to do something appreciable. The masses accepted the policy willingly and supported it as nationalist thought. All thought of making a secure and prosperous American nation. It was a significant and successful experiment. American people had changed their habits to achieve success.


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The Government ‘s adviser evangelist, Billy, said that no more tears for the masses and the ghettos. Prohibition enforcement would become the memory at a later date. He had further added that we will turn our prisons into factories and make stores spaces for the homes of people. The prohibition was in force till 1933.

To see the other angle, the prohibition never achieved its aim but in reality encouraged negative, criminal involvement of bootleggers, anti social elements to get together and fearlessly procure and produce to distribute alcohol, drugs to the masses stealthily. The government revenue dipped, plus corruption due to greedy elements within the government enforcing machinery misused their position to make a quick buck.

Politicians like John D Rockefeller, who thought and lead a life of sobriety, du Pont brothers stood by Association Against the Prohibition Amendment. They firmly believed that more damage was done to the cause and advocated temperance and education among masses.



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