Nasa Makes UFO Like Craft

This disk shaped craft is much more strong than all the previous spacecrafts.This craft is likely to be sent for a far distant destination like Mars. NASA is planning to blast off the craft on completion of tests.

1947 the disk shaped crafts were seen, at that time a pilot, by Kenneth Arnold, he explained that he had witnessed a round shaped object near his plane in Washington DC area. After many alien crafts and other UFOs were sighted around the  world. In 1960 decade a gas station was erected in the same look of an UFO.


NASA’s newly constructed UFO shaped spacecraft reminds of days of Kennedy era when the talk of space adventures the hottest topics. Those were days when all space scientists and public in general talked about advanced techniques used to be used, commercial and financial progress to be made.

Officials around the world in various countries believe there are aliens living amongst us on our earth. Not so long ago Canadian former minister for defense Paul Hellyer spoke about such a doubt in Washington D.C. He even used and probed to establish definite information. He believed there were aliens working with in the US Government.

There were talk that UFO related matters should  the be taken up and a search for the extra terrestrial intrusions must be looked into by the international community. Now that many countries are interested in pooling their resources and share their findings, a new era is about to begin.


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