Web Hot 24June14: 1) America’s Aerospace Maintenance Center 2) YouTube Celebrity PewDiePie

Tucson, Arizona; USA has  the largest aerospace maintenance center of the world.

This center is run by the Air Force and was, established in 1946, for the maintenance of the planes in the Air Force. The center covers  an area of 11 Sq. Kilometers and can take care of 4400 aircrafts. There are 550 persons working here.This center is run the workshop for upkeep of aircrafts.  The center has the facilities keep the aircrafts free from perils of nature like sun’s rays, extreme temperature and dust.

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Photograph: Dainik Bhaskar

Felix is the top celebrity of You Tube earns over  $ 12 million.

Sweden’s Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg known as PewDiePie is the top commentator celebrity of You Tube. He earns over 11 million dollars a year. His earnings are more than an average Hollywood star. He is earning through his voice used in video games and video clips and has got the name PewDiePie title of the film for himself.

His channel is subscribed by 27 million subscribers worldwide. He is the best liked YouTube star between December  2013 until now. He had started a channel on YouTube 5 years ago.

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Photograph: Dainik Bhaskar

Recently his  has made deal with Disney for $ 636 millions. His channel gets around  $720 million  yearly of ads on his channel. He lives in London and doing his Clips business from there. 

He is mainly famous for his voice for the video games that he coordinates and having a finish punch popular as ‘Biofist’  at the end of the clip.  His inflections of voice and facial expression are worth watching and has a touch of originality.

He has taken care to be useful to social organizations and raising funds for the good causes like World WildLife Fund.He lives in London for doing his business.



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