Web Hot 25june 2014: 1) Power Guzzler-American Set Top Box 2) Supersonic Car

Power Guzzler-American Set Top Box

Your are wrong if you think the set top box do not guzzle or consume very less power. Experts verify that set top box consume power at number two when compared with other gadgets, the top being the air conditioner.

Americans like to view TV and, therefore, leave the set up box on and switch off the TV.

Screen shot 2014-06-25 at 9.03.52 AMPhoto :Dainik Bhaskar

This way they consume much energy throughout the month. The set top box consume all the electricity generated by four nuclear power stations in the US. All the power consumed is more than all the computers, Laptops, accessories and the audio system put together. An authority on power consumption Andrew McAllister says that this is not the fault of the people, but Consumer markets’ leaders failure not to be able to do the needful by providing information and percolate information to costumers. We need to learn to switch off the set top boxes.

Supersonic car will run at 1800 KMPH in South Africa. 

British car company Bloodhound has made the design of the first supersonic car. Screen shot 2014-06-25 at 9.02.04 AM

Photo :Dainik Bhaskar

Recently the company released the cockpit’s photo to the media. This car will break all the record of fast speed cars.Its trials will begin by the end of 2014, and the car would return to U.K in early 2016.

Th car shall have driven at 1600 KMPH. This car will shatter the previous record of 1227 KMPH of Andi Green, a fighter pilot of the Royal Air Force. He will drive this newly designed car and break all the previous records.

The new car looks like formula one car. It has the structure of carbon. The car ‘s engine is designed by Rolls Royce and is the same one, fitted in the Eurojet EJ 200. The engine used is the hybrid version of Eurojet engine and will attain the speed of 1600 KMPH.


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