Flatiron Building. Manhattan, New York.

Popularly called Flatiron, was the first steel frame skyscraper of the world. It had completed constructed in 1902 in Manhattan, New York.

The location being 175 Fifth Avenue. The building with 22 floors, is perhaps famous as the most photographed building of the world. It is quite a tourist spot when you think from visitors point of view and is considered to be a beautiful building amongst the structures of the business district.
The building is triangular in shape and has all the best recognized features of the architecture.There are many oddities about the building like: The female toilets are on the odd numbered floors and even numbered are for the males. As the last floor got added in 1905, the lift is to be taken from the 20th floor.


Photograph: Wiipedia

The building has to its credit of being very photogenic because now and then spots are hired for shooting scenes by producer for feature films and TV commercials.
To name a few: In 1958: Bell, book and Candle were filmed on the top floor for a romantic scene. 1980: Reds produced by warren Beaty. 1998: Godzilla shows destruction of the building while following Godzilla. Spiderman movies, Superhero management team ” The Boys” Marvel Universe Comics For the TV commercials and documentaries Flatiron is in constant demand.being a familiar place of NewYork. Umpteen details are available, but space being the constant the list is not given any more.

The building has passed through many hands. The first owner was Fullerton company and the present anI Italian firm the Sorgente Group S.p.A., Rome, Italy has 50% share of the building. The present worth is over 190million.


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