Web Hot: June 01, 2014: Apple’s Iphone Awards. 2) Six years Old Skate Girls

Tim Cook, CEO of Iphone has twittered that selection of winners of Iphone 2014 Photographs is over. The company received 20 different categories of the photos.

Felicia Pandola from Nature was the best. Seventh year Competitors were from 17 countries, and 20 winners declared, one for each category. Photographer of the Year’s three winners received ‘ Ipad Air’ (16GB) and each category lead winner will get a gold bar from the most famous mine.

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Six year’s old skate girls Popular on Net ; 

Around Six years’ old girl skateboarders from a small town of Encinitas, California are famous these days for their skating skills. These girls are Bella, Sierra and Relz also called ‘Pink Helmet Posse.’ They skate like as if they are daredevils. People watching them feel that they can outbid any other skater.
On YouTube, their video is popular, people watch them and wonder about their skills.. they are already celebrities. Sometimes they fall and get bruised and, of course, keep getting bumps.

Believe it or not they can paint their nails while on skates. You may see them practicing daily in the rink. Their own brothers taunt them, passing unbecoming remarks. Very soon you will perhaps see them on ‘ ‘Americas got talent.

Bella’s Father said, “These girls have learnt so much that there are no limits. We can learn whatever, and demonstrate.”

Her Mothers say’s.” In 2013, in X’games their were only 33 women amongst 192 entries. We hope that some day their number will be same as the men’ .”



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