Miami University’s Basketball Player Jaden at Age 9

Not only in America but other nations the kids studying in 4th class do not know much about sports. Not with Jaden Newman, nine years old, is such a girl, who knows how to play basketball like a pro.

Knowingly, Miami University has chosen her to play for one of its teams. This basketball team is of college level that she plays for the University tournaments. To play for this team, is an incredible opportunity for any player. Jaden to play for this team is a big chance to realize her dreams.

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Photograph: Dainik Bhaskar

Jaden Newman had commenced to play basketball since she was of three years of age. She started to play the game at the age when kids play video games.

At four feet five inches height, it is not difficult for Jaden to play for a college team because she has already been playing with taller girls. Prior to this, she has played for Downey Christian School, Orlando. Florida.

Her father and team coach Jamie Newman said that he felt overjoyed when the Assistant Coach of the University offered to take her in their team.

Her Father has the dream that Jaden will one day play for the champion team, the University of Connecticut Basketball team. Jaden’s twelve years old brother is also a basketball player representing his school team.

Jaden is already a celebrity with YouTube. There is no dearth of her admirers, and she has been watched on the YouTube ever since she started to play for the school team. She has been seen over 654000 times for one of tournaments played.


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