Peace Prayers Through Skype in Arizona

In Arizona the Clergy has gone high tech. Here they are preforming the worships using Skype ( Internet). Father Bob Larsen is one pastor who undertakes such peace worship sessions online.

Baltic Sea Resort Prora (Hotel) Built by Nazis

World’s biggest hotel Prora is located on the sea island of Ruegen a Baltic sea resort in Germany.  It has 10000 rooms, all facing the sea front.   The resort  was constructed between 1936 to 1939 on Adolf Hitler’s theme ” Strength Through Joy” to keep the Germans forces in high morale,  healthy and happy. […]

Making Life a Pleasant Gift

Well – being = The quality of people’s experience of their lives. The state of being happy, healthy, or prosperous.

Return of Titanic II – Replica

Everybody who knows about the Titanic dreams and thinks to be  a part of this massive vessel.It replica Titanic II is being built by China. The preliminaries are  about to be completed. The vessel will be constructed in the Zinling shipyard of Nanjing, China. The builder and Owner an Australian Clive Palmer is a business […]

Hip Fractures after BP Drugs

A recent study published online in the Archives of Internal Medicine has shown that 43% of hip fractures and falls occurred most often within weeks of the victim being put on anti-hypertensive drugs.