Running A Health Studio In A Holistic Way

The totality of existence is beyond the individual or even corporate human understanding. However, what holistic healing has discovered is that there is an interconnectedness to reality. All things lead to one another.

Secret Facts On The Best Direction To Sleep

The best direction to sleep is east-west. This increases concentration, memory, attracts positivity and keeps you healthy. During sleep, our body heals itself and relaxes the mind and the body. But, even after having a 7- 8 hours of sleep if you don’t feel fresh, alert and healthy you need to make changes in your […]

Top Five Nature’s Cancer Fighting Foods

Many doctors have a belief that cancer is a curable disease. According to them, several forms of cancer may be the result of bad and irregular lifestyle choices, including smoking, extreme drinking, no exercise and a bad diet. Actually, about 30% to 40% of cancers can be directly related to poor diet. The additives or […]