The Best Makeup Brush and Brush Sets in 2018

You are beautiful. Makeup enhances your personality, provides you with invaluable precision boost and boosts confidence. Makeup is an art. It makes your skin look flawless. Makeup brushes are your tools.  A great brush can bring a fantastic difference in no time. These brushes are designed to blend out eyeshadow, contour, and a buff way […]

Top 9 Omega-7 Benefits That You Should Know About

Omega 7 Benefits

I am sure most of you are well aware of the health benefits of Omega 6 and Omega 3. Both are essential fatty acids that our body cannot produce, and so we have to include foods rich in them in our diet.  Also, there is omega 9, but as the body can produce it, it […]

Healthy Secret On How To Grow Natural Hair Fast

If you are suffering from a bald spot or hair fall you must be looking for ways to grow hair naturally. You do not have to waste your millions on hair products and hair transplant techniques that claim to grow your hair back. What you need is a proper diet, rich in essential fats, vitamins, […]

How To Analyze Your Hair Quality To Determine Natural Hair Types

You can determine your natural hair types on the basis of its density, porosity, elasticity and hair texture. When you find someone gifted with beautiful thick, long and shiny hair, you ask them about the hair product they are using. You might buy the same hair product and use it. But in spite of working […]

6 Steps To Get A Two Strand Twist

two strand twist

Either you have long hairs or short hairs, if you are looking for a unique hairstyle try two strand twist to give you a versatile look.

Six Home Remedies to get thicker hair in just 5 Weeks

thicker hair

Everybody wants to have long, thick and shiny hair, but today hair fall is a common problem. Some of the contributing factors for this are aging, stress, poor nutrition, pollution, chemical loaded hair products, hormonal imbalance, poor hair or scalp care and allergies. Also, some people are born with naturally thin hair.