Hawai the Paradise on earth, Famous for its Beauty

The photo depicts the waterfall of Honokohau of Maui Island in Hawai, USA. It falls from 2 steep hills and is said to be the highest fall on Maui as it supposedly falls in two ranges for a whole of 1119ft. A helicopter service is available for the tourists on the spot to experience the […]

The Latest Development About Google That You Have To Know.

Google has altered many times, the homepage and product design as well as the look in the last seventeen years. It is a standard practice for a Company to alter the Logo after some time.  The aim of the all teams had to be user-friendly and render service to the users. Google believes in making […]

Self-Healing in Technology

Would you not get pleased if the cracked screen of the smartphone repairs itself as the original? The scientists of the University of Bristol have successfully developed such a technology that if a delicate gadget cracks, it can repair itself. These scientists have shown in a presentation, their achievement before the Royal Society in London. […]

Web Hot: 1) Concert in A Glacier 2) Miniature Butterfly Paintings


The concerts are being conducted on continuous bases in the second highest Langjökull glacier in Iceland. Only Seventy spectators get admitted in a single session. There is the lowest single entrance fee of US$315. All have to register on the website for the admission in advance.

Incredible India – Millionaire Dogs Are Worshipped Daily

Believe it or not the dogs of a village Khanpur located at Chandigarh to Patiala Road, Punjab, are Multi – millionaires. The entire 800 families of the village worship and take theirs morning and evening meals only after dogs are through the benediction by the temple priest. The village temple covers an area of 80 acres […]

Garbage Mountain to Be World’s Most Beautiful Garden


For decades, the Hiriya was a symbol of neglect and an environmental hazard but will be known as Ariel Sharon Park. Whole of Tel Aviv’s atmosphere got polluted due to the garbage mountain.Since 1952 to 1998, thousands of peoples’ health of the ‘Hiriya’ area were affected by the city’s waste flowing into the river.

Save Birds / Fantasizing For Kids / Bike Stunt Training

Let the birds also live. An internet user wrote on the Photo sharing website,” when I opened the door the next morning; I was overjoyed to see thousands of crows cawing.” The user uploaded the photo and said that if his wife had seen them live in action, she would have been pleased because she loved […]

Gujrat’s Most Tech Savvy Village Is So Famous? But Why?

You may have heard of the most technical Savvy and famous Punsari Village, in Gujarat. Located 80 km from the state capital Gandhinagar, the village is a dream come true. Can you believe how a village came up in eight years from an ordinary one? All the Photographs are from the video Of You Tube: […]

Amazing Mathematics Of God Proven By His Messengers


Can You believe that numerals below show us a feature that humanity is One God’s creation, who is ever loving ?? Here is how amazing mathematics is proven by His messengers from time to time. We have a beautiful message to share. We know that there are 26 alphabets in English. Giving them ascending value […]