This Will Make You See Top On the Web For Quite Some Time – Part 2

Golden Buzzer won by her voice by the thirteen year Girl:  Courtney Hadwin of County Durham, Britain participated in the prestigious Talent show of America. Jury members asked for experience in the singing. She explained that she got into singing as a habit from her early school days. She got snubbed for this many times.  Soon after the music […]

Wonderful Ten Things Every Day To Make You Happy

Say You Look Goodman: Every morning after getting ready and in front of the mirror before getting away say “You look good man./ woman – you will start feeling better – try it. What a beautiful day it is: While going out in a car, bus or subway or by any mode of travel, just look […]

You See How the Eyes Sparkled as Wrong Notion Faded.

Eyes Sparkled

A positive approach in life is always beneficial to one and all. Here is an eye opener story from a well-known cancer surgeon.  Those who live their end part of the remaining period are usually very sad and wait for the end to come.

I Love This Interpretation of *Prayer*


*Prayer* doesn’t just happen when we kneel or put our hands together and focus and expect things from God.It gets conveyed through one’s loving feeling.  *Prayer* is a submission to the Creator for a good day ahead. So that I work for the welfare of the self, the family, and the world.  When I do not […]

Innovative and Creative Attractions

Innovation: A very few people in the whole world are aware that that there is so much of junk submerged in the oceans that an area equivalent to two France’s land would be insufficient to store. The plastic leads in the garbage in quantity for the all the material found there.