World’s Ten Beautiful Palaces – Part I

1 .Château de Chambord, France Chambord Castle, this majestic palace is in France and is known for its beautiful and impressive architecture. It was constructed by the French King Francis I. UNESCO has declared  it as a World  Heritage Site building. This building has inspired the University of London to make a replica, and name the main […]

Let the Environments be Safe-1- Air

If we switch on the tube light, the effect on the environment is not noticeable. But we need to realize that due to switching on the environment’s balance is disturbed. We have consumed electricity, to manufacture power, and there is consumption of coal or petroleum products.

A Little Break is Necessary After A Success


Make it a habit to stop a while after winning or losing in life. Here, stopping means to internal relaxation. Because today success is achieved after a lot of efforts and running around – if there is no success, the effort put in to run around become a drag in life.

A Spanish City Is the Best In The World For Water Management

Here is a story that proves if, resources are pooled together the humans can do wonders in this world. People ‘s commitment to greenery and environments has enhanced beatification of Spain. The early years of 1990 decade’s drought spell was responsible for this phenomenal change.

Letter From Jail to President Obama Gone Viral

Right when White House was preparing for the first summit of African leaders, an open letter written by an inmate of Robben Island prison, human rights lawyer Thulani Maseko, to the President Obama, had gone viral. The advocate has appealed to the President for support and help. Noble laureate and a former President Nelson Mandela […]

NASA : No Ground Water in 33% USA Land

NASA has disclosed that 33% of US land has no ground water. Although disturbing, but it is correct. ‘NASA disclosed that 33% of US land has no ground water.

Life’s Little Instruction Book


1. Have a firm handshake. Look people in the eye. 2. Sing in the shower. Whistle. Both will relax you.You will feel on top of the world. 3. Own a great stereo system. 4. Keep secrets. Better think more than once prior to telling others, your secret. 5. Never give up on anybody. Miracles happen […]

World’s Largest Cave booked till 2015

World’s Largest Cave booked till 2015 The largest cave of the world Son Doong is in Vietnam. People go to Son Doong for adventure to get so much fun and joy. The attraction is so much that booking is full for the whole of 2015.