Eating to Remain in Good Health.

All of us need to lead a happy, healthy, balanced and productive lives. We have ways, by which we can protect ourselves and our environment. All we need is to take care and as naturally as possible. Eat natural food: The food should be free from any chemicals, artificial color or preservatives. Reduce and avoid the processed food. All […]

Web Unique: 1) Noise Decibels Controlled off Airport 2) Unique Japanese Fishing Art

1) Noise Decibels Controlled off Airport  People do not want to live nearby airport Scipol, Amsterdam, Netherlands., because of the noise level there. Schipol is the fourth busiest airport in the world. A particular technique developed by landscape artist Paul De Court to control the sound produced. Specially designed plains will reduce noise from the aircrafts. Ordinarily, the […]

Debate on Hitler’s Secret Photographs


Hitler used to practice his speeches prior to their delivery and he would prepare by adopting  war like postures and it is believed tat Germans were inspired Photos: Dainik Bhaskar The photographs reached the people this way: Heinrich Hoffmann took thousand of Hitler’s photos. Downtown Tumbler says the photographs ran into two million. A significant […]

You Can See Glaciers in Alaska.

The state of Alaska, USA is known for the land of glaciers. In the southeastern part of the state area of about 3.3million acres is covered with thousands of melting glaciers.

China’s Tianhe-2, the Fastest Supercomputer.

Chinese have done an excellent job this year by continuing to lead in the field of Supercomputers. The National University of Defense Technology has successfully made a supercomputer Tianhe-2, the fastest speed supercomputer in the world.