Obama’s Old Photograph Caused a War in the Press

On the first day of his state visit to Britain, President Obama had a busy schedule. It was nice and pleasant surprise to note that they agreed to play ping pong in the late afternoon. He and the British Prime Minister David Cameron as partners had played ping pong with the students of Globe Academy, […]

Nasa Makes UFO Like Craft

This disk shaped craft is much more strong than all the previous spacecrafts.This craft is likely to be sent for a far distant destination like Mars. NASA is planning to blast off the craft on completion of tests.

Prohibition in USA Pros and Cons

Think of 1920 when people adopted prohibition to support and change the USA. The police used to check up all over to enforce it. In Los Angles, almost on all major crossings the vehicles and occupants were checked.

Hand Signals in Some Countries Are Equivalent to Crime.

Rules: Winston Churchill the PrimeMinister Britain popularized Making V with first two fingers equivalent to victory sign. It is quite a common signal all over the world. Raising thumb, up in the air means Ok, or all is well,  or proceed in case of aircraft parking.

Social Media Is The First Choice of Multinationals to Increase Consumer Base

Social Media is the first choice of Global Companies to add on Consumers. Facebook, Twitter and Google + like companies are now being used by the multinationals and big consumer goods manufacturers to increase  base. These social media giants are now their first choice to increase their customers. Big companies are using the social sights […]