German Airship Hindenburg’s Blast Was Thought To Be An Attack

The famed German passenger Airship “LZ 129 Hindenburg” had an accident and exploded on Thursday,06 May 1937. The airship was about to dock with its mooring mast at the Lakehurst Air Station near New Jersey when it caught fire. At that time, there were 36 passengers and 61 crew members on board. The loss of […]

Changi Airport , Singapore Adjudged The Best

Travelers look for the following to judge an airport: the Security check in, Check in and the Food pricing. Singapore’s Changi airport has been the best for two consecutive years in a row. The survey, conducted by Airports Council International (ACI), an autonomous body representing world airports. Please see two of  the Changi Airport’s UTube presentations. 

Most Influential and Effective Women Today:

The list of most popular, influential and effective women of the world. The ranking is as per Forbes Magazine. 1. Angela Merkel: She has been the first female German Chancellor since 2005. She is the most powerful women of the world for eighth year out of last 10 years( Forbes Magazine). She has been the savior […]

Hair Clip to Protect Women

If one is safe at all times, the life is meaningful and one can do as one wishes. Physical safety is the most important aspect for anyone’s existence.

Inventions Which Changed the World

USB flash drive USB flash drive has revolutionized the IT world. It has so many pluses that its acceptance is unquestionable and increasing every day.

Accidental Inventions Which Changed the World

You will notice how the following inventions changed the world in the last 200 years. Match sticks: John Walker a pharmacist used to prepare a lot of mixtures for his trade. One day he noticed that a dried spot of the mixture got aflame when he tried to scrape it off.  After a few trials […]

Robot traffic police in African cities

Robot traffic police

Kinshasa, Congo has introduced and planned to replace the traffic police and traffic lights by robot traffic humanoids. The giant  police robots have four cameras and revolving traffic light arms. Interestingly the robots have sunglass the Kinshasa police wears.

Return of Titanic II – Replica

Everybody who knows about the Titanic dreams and thinks to be  a part of this massive vessel.It replica Titanic II is being built by China. The preliminaries are  about to be completed. The vessel will be constructed in the Zinling shipyard of Nanjing, China. The builder and Owner an Australian Clive Palmer is a business […]