In the world You See Something Surprising and Add to Your Knowledge – Part 3


The Spectrum Mountain: The Mount Edziza volcanic complex of British Columbia, Canada. Nature has blessed the area with colorful mountain ranges here with incredible beauty. The spectrum range is one of four strata-Volcano in the world. Because of heavy quantities of deposit of minerals on the hills, these colors are prominent and attractive. 

You Need To Know How The Most Famous Free Eatery Goes Organic

Golden Temple is in Amritsar and a versatile Sikh Religious institution. It has an Indian kitchen (Guru Ka Langar) that feeds freely 100,000 people of all faiths daily, round the clock, has commenced another service. Guru Ka Langar Hall at the center of its charitable activities  – has announced to distribute only Organic food pretty early.

What this, You See Here Verstality of The ‘Seabin’ Cleaning

Two Australian surfers from Perth, Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski have successfully made a sea cleaning device and named it ‘Seabin’ to cleanse the harbours. They did not wait for anyone and commenced the work about eight years earlier. The manufactured device is capable of cleaning the seas within the port 24 x 7 hours […]

In Spotlight the Fascinating and Awesome Root Bridges

Here you can see a wonder, a double tiered bio LIVING ROOT  bridge that never got built but GROWN. The said bridge is nothing but the living roots of Banyan fig trees shaped so as to form a bridge across mountain rivulet. Living bio bridges.

Thing I’ve Ever Seen the Rock Garden Raised From the Waste

On a visit to famous Rock Garden, in early 1980, we were fortunate to have a meeting with Mr Nek Chand the creator Rock Garden of Chandigarh, India He presented us with terracotta beaded string, Garland. The Rock Garden is not only fascinating but also an inspiration for Sustainable Living.

You Need to Know Everything About Ocean Cleanup Project

The world Oceans have unimaginable plastic debris floating around. As per the Ocean Cleanup project will use the long beam with the length of 100 kilometers using the ocean current. It will collect the plastic debris. The attached multiple trough remains up to ten feet below the water surface.

You see What happened to Eco-Ducts made Across Highways

In Netherland, the eco-duct project has shown positive results. The local populace got impressed for its effectiveness because the wild animals had this safety built in natural conditions. Earlier there were many accidental deaths when they happened to cross the man-made highways.

How to Actually Live in An Eco-friendly Way ?

Solar Decathlon is the most popular subject of the American Universities. As per the Dept Of Energy, students are asked to do something new. This time, the students have constructed homes that have surprised all.

You Need to know Why Shell Stopped Oil Drilling In The Arctic

Incredible news September 28, 2015: Shell has announced it will STOP DRILLING FOR OIL IN THE ARCTIC! They failed to find what they spent three years and vast amounts of money looking for, so they have abandoned all drilling for “the foreseeable future”! It is a landmark victory in the story of the Arctic, which […]

The Latest Development About Google That You Have To Know.

Google has altered many times, the homepage and product design as well as the look in the last seventeen years. It is a standard practice for a Company to alter the Logo after some time.  The aim of the all teams had to be user-friendly and render service to the users. Google believes in making […]