Let the Environments be Safe-1- Air

If we switch on the tube light, the effect on the environment is not noticeable. But we need to realize that due to switching on the environment’s balance is disturbed. We have consumed electricity, to manufacture power, and there is consumption of coal or petroleum products.

A Spanish City Is the Best In The World For Water Management

Here is a story that proves if, resources are pooled together the humans can do wonders in this world. People ‘s commitment to greenery and environments has enhanced beatification of Spain. The early years of 1990 decade’s drought spell was responsible for this phenomenal change.

Amazing Patents-Tribute to Human Innovation


Animal Ear Protector:  In 1970 decade this patent was filed. It is designed not only for dogs but other pets as well having long ears who had trouble while eating or drinking water. The device would prevent ears falling or getting entangled with the eating or drinking bowl. A synthetic product made of plastic paper […]

Web Unique: 1) Car Jungle 2) Sheep ‘Sherk’ Avoided Fleecing for Six Years

1) Car Jungle: Nobody knows the real story of the cars lying like that for seventy years in a southern Belgian forest. Close by is a village called  Chatillon  in southern Belgium.The place is called the graveyard of cars. Speculation prevails that there was a long traffic jam in their route, people abandoned their cars and they remained […]

World’s Largest Cave booked till 2015

World’s Largest Cave booked till 2015 The largest cave of the world Son Doong is in Vietnam. People go to Son Doong for adventure to get so much fun and joy. The attraction is so much that booking is full for the whole of 2015.

Web Unique July16th, 2014: 1) World’s Largest Gold Mine 2) Fastest Woman Speaker

1)World’s Largest Gold Mine: Grassberg mine of Sudirman mountain range, in Papua, Indonesia has the largest goldmine of the world and 3rd largest Copper mine. An American firm Freeport, McMoran established in 1970 has a contract on the basis of 90.64-percentage rights with the Indonesian Government. Danish researcher, Jean-Jacques Dozy disclosed that this range was […]

Web Unique: 1) Noise Decibels Controlled off Airport 2) Unique Japanese Fishing Art

1) Noise Decibels Controlled off Airport  People do not want to live nearby airport Scipol, Amsterdam, Netherlands., because of the noise level there. Schipol is the fourth busiest airport in the world. A particular technique developed by landscape artist Paul De Court to control the sound produced. Specially designed plains will reduce noise from the aircrafts. Ordinarily, the […]