Three Most Photogenic Places in The World

We have places in the world where by capturing them in photographs, the beauty of the places double. Most photogenic places in the world impel people to visit there once in their lifetime.

Psychology of Laughter

Do you know why the painting of Monalisa is famous? It is because, she, has a natural smile. A natural smile is infectious and usually makes others smile.

Festival of Colours -Holi

India has a major festival at the end of winters called HOLI. The modern equivalent it is as Love Celebration for  all. As all festivals signify the Victory of Good over Evil  – it may take time to prove that ultimately Good has to prevail over evil. It may be understood by saying it is […]

How Instagram Helped Daniel Arnold to Fame

See how:  Instagram the online photo sharing web sight solved the unemployment problem of photographer Daniel Arnold in the last week. He was unemployed for last so many days, was left with $90.03 in his account. He had problem meeting his daily expenses. He did something to alleviate this lacuna with a new zeal and […]

Hell storm Face – Natural Wonder – II


It is so common to have stormy weather in the North Sea and the shores of Europe and Great Britain. There are series of storms out in the sea during the winters and a few of them pass / cross on to the land.

True but Remarkable Circumstances of Life

human brain

24 Sets of twins in One class : Strange but true Luke and Rayan Novosel aged 11 years twins of Highcrest High Scool of Illinois, notified the Guinness Book of World Records about the information. These kids did surprize the school authorities by telling that not only they were 24 sets of twins in the same school but […]