Ringing Rocks – Natural Wonder

You may not have heard about these strange ringing rocks. They resonate, ring and emit special metallic sound giving out musical tones on being struck.

Inventions Which Changed the World

USB flash drive USB flash drive has revolutionized the IT world. It has so many pluses that its acceptance is unquestionable and increasing every day.

Rene Koiter-A Fan -Transforms Himself to Khal Drogo

29 years old Rene Koiter is a fan of Khal Drogo of TV serial ‘Game of drone’. He exercised tirelessly for ten months and transformed himself with a body and look like Khal Drogo. After the change he has become an instant success for the millions of viewers through U-TUBE. He is not recognizable due […]


dress code

Dress Code: 1) You could dress as you like and it always shows your taste 2) If  you don any branded item, it indicates that you are well off and do not need a raise. 3) Your taste is not as per the trend shows you are thrifty in your spending and definitely need no hike as you are […]

Valentine Day Destinations and Single/Joint Ways to Celebrate

Amalfi coast, Italy Seventy kilometers long Amalfi coast,  in the Salerno province of Italy is famous for valentine day celebration offers. The coastal villages offer luxury hotels for couples. Lots of people from all over book these hotels and enjoy the beauty of the coast.

Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts

1. Can you believe that of all the U S Presidents Nine of them never went to college:     1.Harry Truman 2. George Washington 3. Andrew Jackson 4.  Andrew Johnson 5.  Abraham Lincoln 6. Martin Van Buren 7 .Millard Fillmore 8. Zachary Taylor and 9. Grover Cleveland ? 2.The only 2 animals that can see […]

Interesting Facts of Life -2

1. Put two straws in your mouth: one inside a drink and one outside it. You will find it hard to drink the liquid than doing it singly. 2. When on heat, female hippopotami secrete oil with a flavor similar to strawberries. Kalahari bushmen use the oil to make flat-bread treats for children. 3. Most […]

Dancing Traffic Cop of Providance, Rhode Island

How would you feel if you see a dancing cop controlling the flow of traffic whether going up or down  in the noisy squares of the city? Tony Lepore, the Dancing Cop, is still making moves and dancing in traffic at 64 years young.

10 Funny and Incredible Snaps

Incredible Snaps

It is such a fun to be dressing up with variety. See here a faithful Muslim husband carrying dutiful wife with Hindu attired son. This is happening in India. The age old concept of unity in diversity is demonstrated in day to day life. Be thrifty by doing the odd jobs & be own transporter. Safety is […]