Web Variety: Cancer Teen Raises Over £1Million & Shocking Mobile Bill

Cancer Teen Raises Over £1Million: Britain’s nineteen years old Stephen Sutton never realized that just one appeal for donation will gather him 3 million pounds in a short time. Stephen had posted final goodbye thumbs up to his friends on the Facebook. He had been fighting with cancer since last two years.One of his lungs had stopped […]

Steve Jobs Was Constructing A Yacht For His Beloved Wife !

Apples’s founder had ordered the construction of super luxury yacht “Venus”. Recently it was seen in Cabo Sen, Gulf of Mexico. 1980 Steve Jobs had said that he had no memory for the future. In spite of this, during his liver transplant in 2008, he had already commenced the construction of a yacht.

Many World Cities Have Bike Share Schemes

There are many benefits of the cycling. First, it is environmentally friendly. Second, using bicycles saves fuel. Third,  the best use is that the health remains good.

Most Difficult Task Of The World And Topics Hot On The Web


Most Difficult task of the world: This post is popular as “world’ toughest job”. Person issues this unoriginal ad and response are fantastically original interviews. The purpose of the video is that the Mother has endless responsibilities without a break .. so why not send a greeting card on the mother’s day. Nearly everyone realizes […]

Great Pyramids: oldest of the world’s seven wonders

The Great pyramid located off the Giza city of Egypt.It is the tomb of Pharos built in 20 years around 2550 BC. Its original height was 146.8 Meters and now has reduced to 139 meters due to earth sinking around.

Three Most Photogenic Places in The World

We have places in the world where by capturing them in photographs, the beauty of the places double. Most photogenic places in the world impel people to visit there once in their lifetime.

Sex Sculptures In Ancient Indian Temples !!

Ancient Indian

Would you believe that ancient Indian society left us a wonderful gift of sex sculptures in such prominent places like in temples?? Love and lust are nature’s way of giving us sex education. To put in more formal way; with the development of human thought  and intellect Indians constructed temples as centers of excellence  to […]