Changi Airport , Singapore Adjudged The Best

Travelers look for the following to judge an airport: the Security check in, Check in and the Food pricing. Singapore’s Changi airport has been the best for two consecutive years in a row. The survey, conducted by Airports Council International (ACI), an autonomous body representing world airports. Please see two of  the Changi Airport’s UTube presentations. 

Qasr Al Haj: An Ancient Bank Vault in Libya

When the people of northern Libyan provinces felt the need of a resting and a meeting point for the pilgrims in their way to the coastal cities they came out with an idea for a place called  Qaser al-H’aj (The Pilgrim’s Castle).  

Valentine Day Destinations and Single/Joint Ways to Celebrate

Amalfi coast, Italy Seventy kilometers long Amalfi coast,  in the Salerno province of Italy is famous for valentine day celebration offers. The coastal villages offer luxury hotels for couples. Lots of people from all over book these hotels and enjoy the beauty of the coast.

Baltic Sea Resort Prora (Hotel) Built by Nazis

World’s biggest hotel Prora is located on the sea island of Ruegen a Baltic sea resort in Germany.  It has 10000 rooms, all facing the sea front.   The resort  was constructed between 1936 to 1939 on Adolf Hitler’s theme ” Strength Through Joy” to keep the Germans forces in high morale,  healthy and happy. […]

Return of Titanic II – Replica

Everybody who knows about the Titanic dreams and thinks to be  a part of this massive vessel.It replica Titanic II is being built by China. The preliminaries are  about to be completed. The vessel will be constructed in the Zinling shipyard of Nanjing, China. The builder and Owner an Australian Clive Palmer is a business […]


An abandoned city called Pripyat abandoned in Ukraine. The city of Pripyat had to be abandoned immediately on the nearby Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986. The radiation caused so much that it will not be reentered for infinite years.The city is at mercy of the nature.   Abandoned Railway Bridge in Taiwan See the fate of the […]