What Is CBD Anyways? Let’s Dive In


One look at the projection for CBD makes it easy to see why you’re curious about it. According to Statista, the CBD industry is expected to more than double by 2022. With the industry already valued at over $800 million, perhaps we can all stand to learn more about these products. But while more studies […]

Five Steps You Can Use to Find a Gentle and Caring Dentist

Finding a Dentist who really cares and is truly gentle is not that hard to find as it seems. It may be noted here that after being in contact with a Dentist, you and the Doctor become ‘partners’ for a very long period. (as far as the Dental treatment is concerned.)

Here is a wealth of info About Cholesterol

Cardiologist Dr Arthur Agatston* differentiated the myths from facts for cholesterol. Cholesterol is essential for the running of the body. High cholesterol is generally believed to be the culprit for heart diseases. It, however, is not true because cholesterol is necessary for all the cells of the body and functions. Cholesterol carries out these activities […]

Pregnancy: The positive side effects

before pregnancy

First and foremost, let’s not make any rash suggestions here. Whilst pregnancy is something of a rollercoaster journey, the end result is completely worthwhile for all of us.

4 mistakes new moms make about exercise

new moms

It’s something that is going to make monumental changes to your body, and with that a lot of new moms sometimes try and work too hard about reversing said changes through exercise.

Athletic Tips To Help Athletes Bounce Back From Injury

Even the worst injuries can be overcome. Prosthetics today make it possible for those who have lost their legs to continue competing. Certainly there are injuries that can end a career in professional leagues, but even some of the most detrimental injuries can be overcome with the right approach.

Running A Health Studio In A Holistic Way

The totality of existence is beyond the individual or even corporate human understanding. However, what holistic healing has discovered is that there is an interconnectedness to reality. All things lead to one another.

Which Chronic Things That Can Impede Your Yoga Practice?

Technology has done much for us, but too much of it is bad for your mental health. The thing is, it’s kind of necessary to have some level of tech affiliation to even function in modern society. There’s a balance. Balance in all things is necessary, striking a properly cumulative harmony can be difficult. A […]

The Wrong Belief of Good and Bad Cholesterol

You would get disturbed when you come to know that medical milestone belief about high cholesterol is dangerous and is not correct. It is about the $ 100 billion medicine scam for making unethical profits. Researchers have proved that high cholesterol need not be hazardous to health as more critical data is required before it […]

Growing old: What does it really entail?

Old Age

In our 20s and even 30s it’s something that we never consider. Then, our pension pots start to get a bit bigger than we ever thought was possible – and suddenly our body is seeing the effects.