What Makes Green Tea Healthy Evidence-Based Green Tea Benefits


Many nutritionists and dietitians advise starting your day with a cup of steaming green tea let us examine Green tea benefits and have good reasons to drink it daily. What Is Green Tea? Green tea is made from special kind of tea leaves (Camellia sinensis) that do not go the process of oxidation.   Why Is […]

How To Identify The Symptoms of Stroke Treatment and Prevention


Stroke is one of the leading causes of severe and long-term disability. Nevertheless, do know that if the risk factors are controlled, stroke can be prevented up to 80%. In addition, early identification of signs and symptoms of Brain Stroke and timely hospitalization and treatment lowers the risk of disability and death. Check out our […]

Profound Garlic Benefits Supported By Studies


You may love or hate garlic, but the fact is Garlic Benefits for our health are multitude. It can ward off a number of health issues. So please keep reading to acknowledge the reasons to include garlic in our everyday diet. Garlic is a power food ingredient used in many kitchens to add flavor and […]

Symptoms Cause And Treatment Of Tonsillitis


If your child is dealing with a sore throat, it may be due to a tonsils infection known as tonsillitis tonsillitis can affect anyone, from children to adults. However, inflammation and Infection of Tonsils is more common in children. In the United States, almost every child experiences an episode of tonsillitis at least once. Our […]

White Discharge In Females What Is Normal


Every female should have knowledge of sexual and reproductive health understanding what is normal in her body is essential for identifying health issues that require medical attention. One such female health topic that requires proper discussion and understanding is vaginal discharge.  It is prevalent for a female to wonder if the consistency and color of […]

Identify Porn Addiction Effects Causes and Treatment

Are you concerned you have a problem with pornography? Is porn addiction even real? Pornography is controversial The validity of whether Porn Addiction is real is a debatable topic. However, viewing too many sex videos can interrupt your daily life and damage your relationship. Learn about Porn Addiction Effects and Treatment in Detail. What Is […]

High Zinc Rich Foods To Boost Body Immunity


To keep diseases at bay, you must have a robust immune system, and to boost body immunity, one should eat foods rich in Vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, protein, and zinc. The recommended dietary allowance of zinc for men is 11mg, while for females is 8 mg. Please note that our body cannot store […]

Safe Period Calculator Enjoy Sex Without Fearing Unwanted Pregnancy


How to know which days to have sex without fear of getting pregnant? The beautiful journey of pregnancy should begin only when a female is physically and mentally ready to handle the responsibilities of motherhood. Pregnancy and motherhood is an endowment for a woman, but family planning is essential to conceive at the right time […]

What Are The Home Remedies For Persistent Cough To Give You Immediate Relief


Cough is a natural reflex to clear your airways and throat. An occasional cough is normal as it flushes out dirt, microbes and build-up mucus. However, if the cough is caused due to allergy, infection or asthma, see your health care provider and get treated. Unfortunately, during the flu and cold season, your chances of […]