5 Physical Aspects in Yoga And Five Basic Feelings

Physical aspects (Anatomical): (That which is perceived through the senses) Construction of the body (anatomical) is to be understood prior to learning the effect of Yoga on it. The physical body has five sensory organs: eyes, ears, nose, skin & taste. All of these are located in the face except the skin. The sensing ability of eyes, […]

8 Best Gifts From Yoga to the World

Yoga is the best gift by Rishis (Sages) for all segment of people for improving health. It (Yoga) lets any one decide as to how one wants to behave(without hurting other’s sentiments). It frees individuals of prejudices, ego, inflexibility, all negative traits thus making the student clear the hurdles of life thus, improving oneself, community & the […]

Yoga & Ayurveda

Ayurveda (Ayus= Life – origin Sanskrit. Veda = Science) Yoga, means sum total of everything in life. Generally it is understood that it is only a physical exercise,consisting of breathing & some poses of stretching the body. Whereas, it essentially  means  sum total of all human activity. It encompasses one’s belief & practice in the life. Therefore, Yoga  includes all […]